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30 minutes

60 minutes-Service Dog

About the Course

Ready to turn your dog into a Wonderpup?

Step one: book a welcome consultation session. Trust us, it's a must! In this 30-minute session, our talented trainer observes your pup's body language and behavior the moment they set paw in our facility to gauge their reactivity level.

How it works:

Virtual Foundations 

Private Training

Seasonal Programs
3 Private Training
5 Private Training





Range of dog Reactivity

If they fall into the chill zone of 1-5,

Group classes await—Foundation 1, Dog School, and even some fancy seasonal programs if they're feeling extra adventurous. 

But what if their reactivity hits the woofing scale of 6-10?

No worries! We've got a secret weapon—a personalized private session created just for them. After a few one-on-one sessions, they'll be wagging their way into the group classes too. Get ready to witness the wonder as your pup unleashes its true potential!

Your Instructor

Kierin Lund

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