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Private Training






3 Sessions (3 hours total)

4 Sessions (4 hours total)

5 Sessions (5 hours total)

About the Course

Our private dog training sessions offer personalized attention and customized training plans. We assess your dog's behavior, discuss your objectives, and develop a tailored plan to address their specific needs.


With one-on-one attention and a focus on your dog's individual needs, we help you achieve your training goals and strengthen the bond with your furry companion.

  • Puppies

  • Reactive dogs

  • Service dogs

  • Rescues

  • Dogs with separation anxiety

  • Individual attention

  • Customized training plan

  • Flexibility in scheduling

  • Reduced distractions

  • Targeting specific behavioral issues

  • Quicker progress

Book a welcome consultation session before to discuss the details and benefits with us.

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Your Instructor

Kierin Lund

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