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Wonderpup Academy's Four Core Principles

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

At Wonderpup Academy we believe in the four core concepts to enlighten your pup in their journey in becoming a Wonderpup for your family. These concepts are paramount in encouraging Wonderpup behaviors and avoid bad habits from ever surfacing.

  • Relationship Building

  • Focus Building

  • Impulse Control

  • Distraction Prevention

Most training focuses solely on skills and bad habits versus diving deeper into underlining issues causing the habits to occur in the first place. Skills are unpredictable in the real world, where distractions are inescapable. Teaching a new skill to your pup has usually been done by memorizing a cue. However, to transition into Wonderpup status, this outdated way of training needs to stay in the past as we focus on building your pup’s critical thinking through the four core concepts.

Just like learning multiplication in primary school, focusing solely on memorization will result in retaining the information but not actively comprehending the how and why to be able to use the skill confidently. The mind of your pup isn’t so different from yours. Much like when a dog learns how to think, they will apply that knowledge learned to other areas helping them understand and also prevent destructive, reactive, and anxiety behaviors from ever developing in the future.

At Wonderpup Academy, we offer classes that address the core concepts to bypass undesirable behaviors from developing in your pup. We offer Semi-Private Training of 2-4 people, and 1 on 1 Private Training to encourage learning and personalized attention to address your pawtnership needs.

If you are ready to have your pup join the Wonderpup Academy family, then please register for an Assessment to understand your pup’s behaviors and needs today! You’ll receive a phone call to discuss the areas of improvement that would benefit you and your pup with our Semi-Private and Private Training options.

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