The WonderGym
Enrichment For Your Pup 

The WonderGym is meant to optimize the health of the whole pup. For 45 minutes, your pup with your assistance will be mentally stimulated by novel physical movement experiences, learn to be calm, and will socialize with their fur friends in a 1, 745 square foot space!


The WonderGym will help your pup become confident and curious. The movement and agility time helps with body awareness and bravery. The calm time helps with knowing how to self-regulate and to use their mind in making the right decisions in your household. The play time with other fur friends teaches them how to behave in an appropriate manner so the play is consistently safe and predictable.

During the 45-minute period, your pup in a group of 6 will be able to enjoy all aspects of enrichment in a unique and stimulating way.

Body Movement Awareness and agility includes:

  • Learning to stand on a balance board and other uneven surfaces.   

  • Tunnels, weaving poles, climbing, and jumping on and off objects.

The Zen Room includes:

  • Being in a living room-like environment and calmly laying on a pup bed for learning to remain in place

  • Quiet, calming music and scents that relax.

 Socialization with fur friends includes:

  • Preventing or unlearning unfavorable behaviors  (mounting, paw over the back, pulling the tail, repetitive annoying behaviors to their fur friends)​




















What you can expect during the WonderGym for you and your pup:

  • Being active and engaged for 45 minutes.

  • Agility and Movement,  the Zen Room,  and Socializing with other fur friends.

  •  Support with relationship-building.

  •  Focus and eye contact practice.

  • Learning controlled environment and how to play appropriately and politely with other pups.  

  • Using their intellect to think through how to behave, so they can take what they learned for future situations. 

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*All pups will be on leash for the first 25 minutes*

Each 45-minute structured session will start off with the first 25 minutes being set up in a circuit (stations) for a given time. This will be facilitated by the Wonderpup Academy team while the pawrent and pup bond through various exercises to develop confidence, mental stimulation, and the learning of a routine. 


In the remaining 15 minutes, the pups will learn how to properly socialize and explore the equipment with their fur friends while off-leash, and play with their pawrent for additional bonding time. The pawrent should be actively engaged while playing with their pup to ensure safety for all.