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Your trusted partner in dog training

We are committed to providing you with effective science-based knowledge so you can confidently communicate with your pup using force-free and reward-based methods.

Empowering dogs to overcome challenges and transform into confident, well-behaved companions- unleashing their full potential

At our core, we specialize in transforming reactive dogs into beloved family members, who are confident, relaxed, and well-behaved. We understand that reactive behavior can be frustrating and challenging for both dogs and their owners, which is why we use a personalized, positive approach to training that emphasizes trust, communication, and understanding. Our goal is to help dogs overcome their fears and anxieties, and to build strong bonds with their human families that will last a lifetime.

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Family Dogs


Separation Anxiety


Reactive Dog


Service  Dog



Wonderpup Academy's one-of-a-kind philosophy fosters a family and children-centric model to avoid dangerous situations from ever occurring. Our training revolves around building the foundation to understand and encourage bonding, confidence, focus, and curiosity for your pup as part of your family.  We strive to build a safe and loving home through our Training and WonderFitness services.

At Wonderpup, we empower people with disabilities to train their own mental health or mobility service dogs through our online programs. Our comprehensive training tools help transform any dog into a therapy dog, and handlers can use them to assist children in reading, reduce stress, bring joy and laughter to seniors, and provide encouragement to those who need mental or physical healing.

Although based in New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada we offer global partnership and service through private on-request training and online specialty programs. Our services cater to both first-time dog owners and professionals in the dog training field.

Together, never alone - Providing support and community when you need it most

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Playful and Engaging Training and Learning Experience for YOU and YOUR Dog

At the heart of our organization is the belief in the power of the human-canine bond to enhance lives. We utilize scientifically-proven, positive reinforcement methods to empower you and your furry companion to thrive together in a harmonious and therapeutic environment.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our classes to meet the unique needs of both the dog and the handler.

Our instructor, Kierin Lund, brings a wealth of expertise as a professional service dog trainer and a former teacher, with a deep understanding of human behavior and training theory.


We are committed to educating and empowering both ends of the leash for a successful and fulfilling partnership.

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Stories of Success from Our Happy Clients