Welcome Session




30 Minutes

About the Program

We want to meet your pup and welcome them to Wonderpup Academy. At the Welcome Session you will be able to ask Kierin questions about any thoughts that may arise. We will see where your pup is at with their emotional regulation, as well as their social acumen.

In this initial session we will work together to:

Understand who your dog is through their unique personality type

Assess your dog's current behavior expression and figure out what it is rooted in

Identify the arousal zones and which activities produce different levels of arousal

Start to build a routine of healthy habits including enrichment, rest and play

Identify your dog's triggers and create a plan to prevent re-traumatization

Teach basic responsiveness and attention as a foundation for cooperation

Your Instructor

Kierin Lund

Kierin Lund

Kierin is no stranger to striving to discover and comprehend theories and people. With her past education and work experience as a Primary School Educator and her science degree in Dental Hygiene, she understands the importance of continuing education and focusing on building lasting relationships in her community.
Now she is striving to help New Westminster's community of pawrents with Wonderpup Academy's unique family-focus learning style to help everyone stay safe and create stronger bonds with their new family member.
Gain the bond of your dreams with the co-founders of Wonderpup Academy and leading expert in all things dogs, Kierin Lund.

Five years as a service dog trainer.

​Bite Prevention Certified and Educators.

AKC Evaluator who taught the Family Dog Program.

Trained 3 Diabetic Service Dogs, 4 Anxiety/PTSD Service Dogs, and 1 Mobility Dog.

Additionally, trained 2 therapy dogs that have passed the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Evaluation.