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Wonderpup Academy Is Offering Kid and Youth Camps


Summer Camp

What are your kids doing this summer?

Camp is a totally unique and insanely fun one-week camp for kids (aged 8-12) and (aged 13-17) with their dogs!

Or availability to “rent” one of the Wonderpups- Benji, Beijo, Enzo, or Kenzie.

With five individually themed days (Basic skills, Tricks, Rally, Movement/Agility, and Scent–work) every day is fresh and exciting with tons of new skills too!

Why just send your kid to camp, when YOUR DOG can go TOO?


Basics, Tricks, & Games

Camps run weekly! Your kids will learn something new and exciting – while building an amazing bond with their dog along the way!

Treat your dog and kids to a totally unique (& insanely fun!) Camp

Super Cool Agility Activities 

Included with BASICS, TRICKS & GAMES! The teams will be dipping their toes and paws into the exciting world of Rally-O and agility! Think courses, tunnels, jumps and hoops – more fun than anyone should be having in an hour! 



Age of Dog:  6 months or older

Vaccinations:  Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo.  Proof must be provided.   

Dogs must be friendly and comfortable with people and other dogs.  

Pinch, choke and e-collars are not allowed.  

Equipment to bring to Camp

Dog Halter, 6 foot leash, Treats 

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