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Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement technique located in New Westminster at Wonderpup  Academy
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Welcome to Wonderpup Academy in Bellingham, WA! We specialize in positive reinforcement rewards-based dog training, offering techniques for behavior modification and a change in mindset.

Our mission? 

It's all about empowering you to understand the language of your dog. Together, we'll build a strong bond and unlock the secrets of canine communication.

What differentiates us? 

At Wonderpup Academy, we take the time to carefully observe your furry friend's body language and behavior from the moment they set paw in our Academy. This allows us to craft a personalized plan that aligns with their unique needs and you're specific training goals. Whether it's puppy training, private dog training, or connecting with the community through various events, we will help you live the dream you want with your dog. 

We believe that dogs of all ages can benefit from our training programs.

We offer our services in

Service Dog Training

Bellingham, WA

Private Training

Bellingham, WA

Online Training

Coming Soon


Sessions to evaluate your dog's mental state including reactivity level to create a personalized plan that suits their needs and your training's objectives.

pRIVATE Training

Ideal for puppies,

service dogs,

reactive dogs, rescues,

and those with separation anxiety.

Service dog Trainnig

a comprehensive one-year service dog training program, comprising of 3 monthly sessions designed to equip your canine companion with essential skills for service dog Public Access.

Virtual Training

Expert instruction and personalized guidance through interactive virtual dog training sessions from the comfort of your home.


Our 1-year-old puppy was reactive to everything (people, dogs, sounds). Kierin spent a lot of time really getting to know our dog and his personality as well as problem-solving the best strategy to help him when he’s out in the world. We’ve seen a big improvement.

Bridget Bergman

We were about ready to move somewhere quieter than the Quay because we couldn’t walk our hyper dog without him pulling and lunging at people and dogs nonstop. Less than a month of puppy school and both puppies now walk calmly and focused on a leash.

Cassie Sponchia

I adopted a 3-year-old dog about 2 months ago who was afraid of strangers and other dogs. Within 4 private sessions at Wonderpup Academy, my dog is chilling out with new people in our home and is playing with dogs!

Regina Tuzzolino

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